Our MC, Spiros, is a well-presented Master of Ceremonies (MC) with many years of experience with a great confident voice on the microphone and understands all the different facets with respect to MC’ing and running a reception night. Spiros is multi-lingual and is proficient as an MC in English, Greek and Italian, mind you he is always happy to incorporate other languages into his introductions if the need arises. Spiros’s many years of experience has made him a well-rounded, confident, witty, respectful, funny and professional MC second to none !! 

Spiros understands the needs of the wedding couple and is there to ensure those needs are met. He comes across very professionally and is very respectful of the wedding couples, the families and the guests. He also understands that this is the one special day of a wedding couple’s life, and that accordingly everything needs to be perfect !!

The role of the Master of Ceremonies (MC) is a very important role when it comes to ensuring a wedding reception night runs smoothly and efficiently. Not only is the MC responsible for the initial introductions, announcing cutting of the cake, the bridal waltz, speeches and closing, but more importantly, it’s all the behind the scenes work an MC is responsible for that plays an important role in tying everything together so that your celebration runs smoothly. 

In actual fact the Master of Ceremonies is the wedding co-ordinator (in effect he is a Project Manager) for the night. His responsibilities include liaising with the Maître D’ and the Reception venue manager to make sure they are prepared for the next activity; that is, ensuring the meals are served on time or that the champagne has been poured prior to the toasts etc. The MC’s important role is to be the liaison between the venue, the band and the wedding couple to ensure everyone knows what is happening next and to help ensure meals are served on time thus ensuring maximum dancing time is achieved in the allocated function time.

Many people make the mistake of using a “non-experienced” MC thinking all that’s required is for someone to make the introductions and speeches not realising all the behind-the-scenes work required and not realising they are risking their night not running as smoothly and efficiently as it could have.

With Spiros as your Master of Ceremonies every detail will be covered. Spiros will meet with all couples prior to the wedding, way in advance, to go through all the requirements and work out a program tailored for your needs. Spiros understands that every couple has different requirements and will thus ensure during the pre-function meeting all these requirements are understood and documented. Spiros will then produce a running sheet for everyone to follow on the night, ensuring that your special day runs smoothly and  Maximum Entertainment Value is achieved.



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